Modular Kitchen

Interiors in chennai offers Best Modular Kitchen Services. Kitchen being the heart of a home, can be designed in multiple types like box type, crystal style, time style, U-Style, C-style, L-style etc… Kitchen being the backbone of our Health and Hygiene of our family, needs to be well designed and well made.

Storage cabinets are our favourite works. Simple steps can have far reaching rewards. For example, Kitchen storage in front of the sink, Gliders with several hooks for hanging your pans, small unused space transformed into a great kitchen organizer, dead wall space used as storage space etc…

Best Kitchen Interior Designs can also be done. We at Azhagu Interior, believe in creating highly customized kitchen cabinets so that the kitchen looks splendid and remains an easy to maintain space. Azhagu interior can help you with the designing of Cabin, chimney, shelves, cabinets, shutters, fittings, drawers and dishwashers.. We do provide different varieties of cabinets like base type, wall type, and tall type and specialty units. We can also work on the four grades of cabinets – Ready-to-assemble, stock, semi-custom and custom applications.

Finest Modular Kitchen also means good space management. Often times your space may not be the problem, you just need a creative cabinet designs to make everything fit right into the cabinets. Thanks to the ergonomic research. We now have better kitchen designs unlike the stereotyped kitchen designs. The latest kitchen cabinet trend includes, deep drawers for cookware, pull-out shelves to avoid excess bending, sponge trays on the front of sink cabinets, pullout hideaway garbage/recycling containers, pull-out spice cabinets, lazy susans in corner cabinets, vertical storage for cookie sheets, full-extension drawer slides, and drawers and doors with so-called soft-close/positive-close mechanisms enabling drawers to shut quietly, or which shut fully after being pushed only partially. Kitchen cabinet shutters, Kitchen cabinet material, interior lighting of the cabinets for an even impact are some of the areas to make a choice from.

Best Interior Firms would offer good service as well. As a part of our service, we offer space planning, lighting types, colours and designs for every part of the project. We help you plan your kitchen cabinets which also satisfy your customs and traditions. We also offer readymade units and choose the best fitting for your needs.

Pooja room

If kitchen is the heart, then Pooja room is the soul of the house indeed!

Pooja room cabinets can change the very look of the room ! A simple ten minute prayer in your pooja room rejuvenates and revitalizes you completely. This room deserves a very special attention and easy to use, compact cupboard designs. The carvings, engravings, choice of material like wood or any other metal, doors with bells or without bells …. Well it's a pleasure to be able to make right choices that too with Azhagu Interior expert. We believe in relaxing you and letting your personal perceptions become an affordable actuality!!!

Did you know that pooja room cupboards should be lower than the idols and to be placed in south or in the west wall of the pooja room? Not to worry…. we are aware of such intricacies! Yes, Azhagu interior always has a solution to all your storage needs. Azhagu interior lends you a helping hand in space planning with vaastu shastra, theme- based engravings, colours to use, lighting and material to use for your pooja room cupboards.

Storage Cabinets

Being the best interiors in Chennai, Azhagu interior gives you a wide variety of storage options. Storage types like book cases and shelves, sideboards, cabinets, wardrobes, chest of drawers, bedside tables, storage benches, storage tables, media units, bins etc… can be made to order. Azhagu interior is more than willing to share their unique creativity to arrange your space in the most comfortable manner.

A place for everything and everything in its place! This old saying is enough to emphasize the importance of storage cabinets at home. An easy to maintain home means a home that has stunning and efficient storage units. Storage cabinets not only gives a trendy neat look but also gives you a chance to find a place for every item in your house. The type of storage cabinet you choose (stock, semi-stock or custom), material you choose (wood or metal), and its quality and manufacturer, door styles and finish, door overlays etc… decides the entire appearance of the space.


Crockeries are a proud part of our dining area which needs special designing. Beautiful cutlery definitely demands a careful maintenance to keep it looking sleek and shiny. Well designed and well lit crockery cupboards can make the home look very rich, elegant and beautiful forever. Persona interiors help you to get crockery cupboards that are custom made with wood and glass material. Lighting effects in the cabinet can be worked out too. Depending on your taste, available space and convenience you can go for a base cabinet or a wall cabinet. You can choose between stock, semi stock or custom type of cabinets .Door styles, hard ware, finishing touches, and accessories and add-ons are some more choices we have got to offer. While we make choices, we do remember and remind you that relevance and elegance are two sides of the same coin.


Wardrobes designed have to ensure that we get a good start for the day ahead. Everyone has a unique taste and storage ideas for their materials. Azhagu Interior perfectly understands your thought process and adds the right inputs to get them working. We can deliver you all types of wardrobes like Master wardrobe, Kids Bedroom ward robe, Ward robe with loft design, Wardrobe design with TV unit, Wardrobes with mirrors, White laminates and dressing tables etc….Sliding doors/hinged doors, Wardrobe lightings and all other ease for better functioning of the wardrobes can also be provided. Functionality and aesthetic sense are both addressed while designing your wardrobe.

Wall Painting

Wall Decor is a separate topic in itself. The fascination for colours starts right from the time we open our eyes to see the colours around us. Right from rainbow colours to rare coloured stones, we get endlessly baffled by the nature's beauty.

Wall paintings are an art in itself. One way of expressing our attraction to nature is to choose colour and texture of the walls that we build. They are capable of changing the ambience of the room to any extent. Colour and the texture of a wall can even make the dimension of the wall look very different.

The types of paints that we need to know for our home purpose falls under the category of architectural paints. Solvent base paints and enamel paints are applied for wood and steel. Water base system of paints are for the walls. For walls you can either go for distemper paints (oil bond or acrylic) or emulsion types with matte or sheen finishes.

Gloss finish adds vitality and vigour to your space, whereas matte finish gives a calm and serene feel. Satin and silk finish are wonderful for small spaces. Azhagu interior guides you for a Perfect choice and offers colour solutions based on colour therapy too!!!

Stencilling, sponging, ragging, frottage, striping, decorative, murals, colour washing, metallic are some of the wall painting techniques among the numerous types practiced.

Painting works done by Azhagu interior experts, allows you to choose paint type for each space in your home by offering right guidance. They help you decide the painting techniques for each wall. The final blend of colours of each wall in your space needs to carry a theme, which is also perfectly designed for you by our ------Azhagu Interior Experts. Ceiling paint, exterior wall paint, interior wall paint, price of the paints etc… are thoroughly discussed before we proceed any further. Just relax with Azhagu interior to assist you…..


Bedroom designing means a lot to all of us. The innermost and highly private area that calls for a special attention in terms of interior designing. Don't worry, we at Azhagu interior can inspire and create a heavenly bedroom that fits best to your taste and needs. After all Bed room is the space where we unwind completely to rejuvenate ourselves. Dim and cool lighting for night times with good ventilation during day time would do the real magic. An good smelling attached bathroom with excellent plumbing work is a must indeed.

If you have the feasibility to allow us design a luxurious Bedroom with foldable TV, special wall paintings, a scenic lighting arrangements, then go for it. We at Azhagu interior would love to create beautiful inner spaces to your taste and needs.

Living room

Living room is verily the room where a family chooses to live together.

Starting from watching a movie together to partying and even sitting down to write a quick home work happens in the living room. Living room deserves a very special and thoughtful designed walls and floors. Of course, the floors and walls need to be maintained in a neutral tone to highlight the furniture and other colourful accessories of the room. It is quite important to keep the mood of the living room very relaxing and cosy as members of the family tend to make important decisions here and hold significant discussions here.

A brilliant lighting arrangement and ventilation could mean more positive atmosphere for the living room. So do not hesitate to give that extra care for lighting, false ceiling and wall cladding to uplift the look and feel of the room. You shall never regret calling Azhagu interior for enhancing our living room designs.